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PIP Breast Implants

French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) are at the centre of a legal storm following the publication of a medical device alert by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in March 2010. The MHRA acted on information received from their equivalent body in France, who had begun an investigation into PIP implants following an increase in reported incidents. Their subsequent findings were little short of unbelievable. An inspection of the manufacturing plant revealed that most of the breast implants manufactured by the company since 2001, and perhaps even prior to then, have been filled with unapproved, non-medical grade silicone gel.

Further studies indicated that the unapproved gel used in the implants was in fact intended for use in mattresses and, in addition, PIP had also dispensed with the protective barrier in their products making them more prone to rupture.

Exact figures remain unknown but it is estimated that in excess of 50,000 women in the UK have been supplied with the defective PIP implants.


There has been a great deal of information published since the alert was issued and whilst most of the articles are well meaning and designed to help and assist women who have had PIP breast implants, much of the information in the public domain is based on speculation and rumour, and has only served to heighten anxiety at an already stressful time. We are certainly not looking to play down what is little short of a scandal but, at the same time, we do not believe that is serves any useful purpose to publish unsupported information relating to toxicity or other health risks until the full facts are known.

There is no question that PIP implants containing the non-medical grade silicone should not have ever been used and Mercury Legal are here to provide you with the legal assistance you need to rectify the situation and get your life back on track. We feel that this is an issue that goes beyond individual law firms so in addition to the vast legal experience we have, our team have also registered all of our cases with the PIP steering committee so that we can share and exchange information with other lawyers throughout the UK, to ensure that your case is handled quickly, professionally and ultimately successfully with Mercury Legal Solicitors.

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